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KLINGE uses HINDSITE to deliver in-person service from across the globe

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Head of Customer Marketing and Brand

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  • August 22, 2023
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KLINGE is an international leader in tyre management systems and services. It supports clients at over 400 sites in 43 countries including open-cut and underground mines, quarries, and port operations. It also services other mining service providers and tyre dealers.

Given its international customer base, the KLINGE team must offer global support across multiple timezones.

A worldwide problem

With the onset of COVID-19, KLINGE lost the ability to send their world-leading experts to customer sites.

The global mining industry slowed down, but it didn’t stop. All the same safety challenges were still very much in play, and KLINGE’s customers still needed to be serviced.

With customers in 43 countries, the KLINGE team required a way to enable their team to conduct the same level of audits without the need to travel. It proved difficult to find reliable tools to accomplish this that did not compromise the quality of the service.

"Our competitors simply cannot offer the level of transparency and trust that we can with HINDSITE."
Al Klinge has built a successful business based on scaling local knowledge internationally.

Eyes on the ground

HINDSITE is a Guided Work Instructions platform. It is purpose-built for mining and METS businesses to standardise a high level of service, allowing them to scale operations and compete based on service delivery without additional resources.

As a service provider to the global mining industry themselves, KLINGE was able to adopt HINDSITE as a value-added component of their own platform of tools.

The opportunity first came about when a customer requested in-person engagement that KLINGE could not provide due to pandemic lockdowns.

“I never would have thought that we’d be able to not attend a site and deliver to the level as if we were present. But with HINDSITE, we’ve definitely been able to do that”, explained Al Klinge, Managing Director.

As a result of this first customer success, KLINGE put HINDSITE to even greater use in delivering a new bespoke Virtual Tyre Advisor Service.

Consultation as part of the service is given remotely, and customers are able to watch back their KLINGE advice with translated transcripts for local workers.

One particular deployment allowed a large mining site customer in Mongolia. Observations and meetings were captured by the platform, forming the body of evidence for referral and remediation.

The mine used both traditional and wearable devices to safely collaborate and capture observations underground while limiting additional personnel to potentially hazardous environments.

The RealWear HMT-1 device was instrumental in enabling KLINGE to service its customers during COVID.

A higher level of trust

By implementing HINDSITE as the primary method of communication between its expert team and customers, KLINGE experienced a higher level of trust from customer sites.

“We were able to deliver our very unique service remotely. Our competitors simply cannot offer the level of transparency and trust that we can with HINDSITE”.

In-person service arrangements were successfully upheld as part of the HINDSITE rollout, and KLINGE is now looking at monopolising on their HINDSITE advantage. The team is looking to move into new geographic markets where they previously didn’t have access.

“We’re going to be able to move a lot faster”.

KLINGE can now offer an elevated alternative to the traditional consulting model with no travel, medicals, visas or inductions to potentially delay and complicate services.

Its customers no longer need to foot the bill to pay for travel and logistical time to access global experts, and using wearable technology customers can safely dial in remote experts, all captured and translated for future reference.

HINDSITE CEO Doug Hastings and KLINGE Managing Director Al Klinge

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