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Workflows that keep your jobs moving.

Step-by-step instructions to get every job done right.

Build Worflows faster than a Bluey episode.

(the guy in charge of our marketing has three kids under 5 and yes, we're based in Brisbane).

Guided Content

Bite-sized learning at every step

Every step in a HINDSITE workflow can display multiple pieces of video, imagery or PDF content from your Visual Content Library. Guide your workfore in-context, when it makes sense.


Cater for unexpected scenarios

Workflows can be a simple linear process, or branch into a hundred directions based on user input. It's up to you.

Inputs + Validation

Gather data and catch mistakes

Elevate standard work processes with user inputs such as Text Input, Multiple Choice, Branching Decisions, Upload Media and Sketch Pad.

Administration that works.

Workflow Templates

Base and iterate new Workflows off existing templates for fast creation.

Step Groups

Create multi-step Step Groups that can be inserted to any Workflow and updated centrally.

Version history

Keep track of who made which change and when.

Publish to workspaces

Push a single Workflow update to multiple customer Workspaces at once.

Text formatting

Enrich your step content and call out key instructions with markdown support.


Add multiple Work Sets into a Project for a clear end-to-end scope.

Give your team the instructions they need, when they need them.

Made for mobile workers

Assurance in your pocket

Wherever your workforce finds themselves, the process for the task at hand is in their pocket or on a bench nearby.

Offline mode

Complete Workflows with limited connection.

Whether your technician is underground in Queensland or in remote Western Australia, they can count on their HINDSITE Workflows to show them the way.

Public Access Links

Anyone can access

Set up links and QR codes for your Workflows that anyone on site can use.

Work Sets

Set for success

Arrange Workflows into Work Sets that your front line completes for every job.

Explore Work Sets

Transparent reports created automatically.

Flagged items

Catch mistakes

Based on your criteria, highlight issues in completion reports for every Workflow.


Use internally or send to your customers.

Add logos and enable various options throughout HINDSITE to only show relevant information in your report.


Ensure that every report and Work Set are approved before sign off.


Seen something awry in the work completed? Create an Action and assign it to a team member to follow up.

Ready to introduce consistency into your operation? We are.