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Work Sets

Set a better standard

Your business success relies on frontline tasks being completed consistently to a high standard. Work Sets bring reliability and peace of mind to your everyday operations.

Break down the complexity of work

Complete each Work Set over the course of hours, days or weeks, whilst always keeping an eye on the big picture.

Distribute responsibilities

Break out Sets to Workflows defined by different qualifications, skills or seniorities required for each step along the way.

Keep it together

Combine Workflows into Work Sets to maintain oversight and keep reporting systemised.


Effortless compliance

For quality-oriented workforces.

Work Sets ensure that every frontline worker has the Guided Work Instructions they need at every stage of a task in progress. In turn, your customers expectations are met and exceeded every time.


Pick up work wherever you left off

Work doesn’t always happen linearly. Work Sets allow you to pick up the component of work that is relevant to you whilst others do theirs.


Set a benchmark for every job

Shortcuts cost time and risk lives. Work Set Templates ensure all aspects of a task are already taken into account for you.


Every Workflow report, collected on the Set

Complete every job to the same standard as the last, regardless of the circumstances.

Standardised service delivery

Define ‘complete’ for every job

Shortcuts are dangerous to your people and to your bottom line. Work Sets ensure that all components of every job are done every time, with reports to prove it.

Global updates

Re-use common workflows across your business

Standardise common tasks as Workflows and include them across all your sets.


Organise reports based on the Set they originated from

Complete every job to the same standard as the last, regardless of the circumstances.

Ready to standardise task execution?

Use cases

Build Work Sets for every stage of your product lifecycle

A Work Set in HINDSITE is a unique instance of a job for your frontline. Keep track across the entire product cycle or just the area that will maintain scale for your business.

Supporting global standardisation

IMDEX uses HINDSITE to support the expansion of their BLAST DOG product into market. Watch to learn more.

Are you ready for a humming production line?