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Operational tasks

Extend customer lifetime with self-help guidance.

Guided Work Instructions let advanced manufacturers deliver with consistency and reliability. Guided content when your frontline needs it, and easy to use instructions for every job.

Provide best-practice on demand.

Use Guided Work Instructions in HINDSITE to standardise a high standard for your product.


Real Time Instruments empowers global mining customers with self-guided troubleshooting Workflows.

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Work Sets

Track progress across every incident

Create templated Work Sets with all required Workflows for your products. Assign and approve Workflows as the Set progresses, and view Reports collected on the Set.


Gain visibility into items needing escalation

With a standard way of working in HINDSITE, every frontline worker knows what to do and how to do it. If a deviation is reported, you will know about it.

Guided Content

Provide best-practice support for every task

Whether you’re on in your first week or your 20th year, HINDSITE Workflows provide the help you need, when you need it.

Are you ready to reap the rewards of consistency?

Work Instructions that take the work out of instructions.

HINDSITE does the administrative heavy lifting so that your workers can focus on what they do best.

Reduce user error

Empower users to help themselves and collect diagnostic information before engaging with an expert.

Scalable support

Replicate and customise the same support workflows across sites with self-serve support.

Optimise future development

Get insights into core sticking points for frontline users to inform future product development.

No Work Set too big, no Workflow too small

HINDSITE is used by advanced manufacturers across a wide variety of applications.

Common Work Set scenarios

  • How-to instructions
  • Basic operation guidelines
  • Safety precautions

Workflow examples

  • Pre-start checks and OHS verification
  • BWE - setting a wheel rotation speed
  • Drill head swapout
Work Sets are groups of Workflows that can be templated, assigned and used repeatedly for every job.

But what about...

Explore how HINDSITE can be used for consistent task execution in other stages of your product’s lifecycle.

Are you ready to increase customer independence?