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Amplify experience

HINDSITE is the leading digital workflow, knowledge management and remote mentoring platform for manufacturers of advanced machinery and components.


Excellence in delivery

Support international delivery of your product with HINDSITE as your eyes and ears on the ground. Coach your employees and new customers using your on-demand content library, or via remote mentoring calls.

All content is transcribed and translated for local usage, and customers can upload their own content within your workflows as evidentiary data.

Close the gap on time-to-proficiency for your customers by being there on HINDSITE.

Popular for Advanced Manufacturing

Workflows to make your work flow.

Standard operating procedures as new starter training

Pool your best subject-matter-expertise into workflows and microlearning content for new recruit training.

Skills assessment - capture evidentiary data of competency

Leave assets in the hands of skilled operators, every time.

Asset inspections

Ensure inspection protocol is followed and supplemented with instructional content.

Ready to operationalise your know-how?