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The Guided Work Instructions platform

Complete jobs consistently, with immediate records of work.

Do better than an inspection checklist.

Set a better standard with HINDSITE Workflows. Expert internal knowledge at every step, and consistent work completed for your customers.

Support and troubleshooting on-demand

Real Time Instruments deploy HINDSITE Workflows as part of support agreements in the field to ensure their mining customers have 24/7 access to core diagnostic processes.

Get started with whatever you’ve got on hand.

Mud maps, brain dumps, process diagrams, SOPs, checklists, OEM manuals...

Easy to use. Easy to start. Easy to scale your business.

Work Sets

Create templated Work Sets with all required Workflows for your jobs. Assign and approve Workflows as the Set progresses.



Give guided instructions for every task, and require user evidence to close out a job.



Generate follow up tasks from reports, report steps or entire Work Sets.


Guidance content

Add bite-sized video content, images or PDFs to each Workflow step to empower your workers and ensure compliance.


Reporting & issue flagging

Generate and share reports with dynamically flagged issues with your customers or quality assurance team.

QR codes and public access

Eliminate adoption hurdles by bringing HINDSITE QR codes into the real world and enabling public access links.

Export .csv, .pdf and .docx
Recommended Content
Transcribed Content
Offline Mode
Scheduled Work Sets
Workflow Step Groups
Content Chapters
Assigned work
Workflow feedback loop
Templated Work Sets
Video trimming
In-flow calling

Consistency at every stage of your product lifecycle.

A consistent way of working means reliability for your customers. HINDSITE is used by mining and METS companies for everything from assembly to operation.

Assembly + Manufacturing

Guarantee consistent output on your assembly line.

Learn more about HINDSITE on your production line

Installation + Commissioning

Streamline delivery tasks and provide evidence of completion.

Learn more about replacing commissioning checklists with HINDSITE

Routine Service + Maintenance

Ensure that every task is done with consistency and your customer has evidence in-hand.

Learn more about HINDSITE for every maintenance task

Troubleshooting + Support

Empower workers to deal with issues as they arise.

Learn more about HINDSITE in your support procedures

Day-to-day Product Usage

Give guided instructions for every task, and require user evidence to close out a job.

Learn more about HINDSITE on site

All in one, humble app

Easy for you to build, easy for your frontline to pick up.

Ensuring a global product standard

GroundProbe implemented HINDSITE to expand their Brisbane assembly operation to Tuscon, USA, without missing a beat or a single piece of know-how along the way.

A Continuous Improvement movement

Your work isn’t cookie-cutter, and so neither should your processes be. HINDSITE lets you push updates to your way of working at a pinch and receive feedback from your frontline on what isn’t working well.

Get started with what you’ve got right now.

You’ve got to start somewhere. Most HINDSITE customers start in one stage of their product lifecycle, with whatever static processes they have on hand.The HINDSITE team have been referred to as magicians. Let us make some magic for you.

Make your product one your customers can rely on.

We’re in the same business you are; scaling your product to impress your customers. HINDSITE is the secret weapon of the mining and METS sector. And it’s almost on your toolbelt.

Ready to introduce consistency into your operation? We are.