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Handsfree access to your experts.

HINDSITE for RealWear is deployed in environments worldwide that require handsfree operation.

Wait, what's RealWear?

RealWear headsets are an industrial-strength Assisted Reality (aR) solution. They provide all frontline workers with a hands-free, voice-controlled way to consume digital content, record content and communicate with colleagues around the world. See RealWear products here.


Visual Content Library (VCL)

Real-time skills filmed by your SMEs, whenever your workers encounter an unfamiliar situation.

radio_button_checked Record

Create handsfree, point-of-view recordings for your Visual Content Library. All content is geo-tagged and uploaded when the device is online.

play_arrow Watch

Give workers the benefit of HINDSITE has they watch a subject matter expert handle the situation they find themselves in.

Digital Workflows

HINDSITE workflows on RealWear devices ensure that every frontline worker has access to work instructions and SOPs.

video_library In-context learning

At every step along the way, workers can access learning content from your Visual Content Library to help them overcome issues.

Remote Expert Assistance

See things from your frontline's perspective, either in-situ in a workflow or as part of a group expert assistance call.

subtitles Calls recorded as VCL content

Every call recorded, transcribed and translated for future inclusion as learning material.

I would never have thought that we would be able to not attend a site and deliver to the same level as if we were present in situ. But with HINDSITE, we've definitely been able to do that.

Al Klinge, Managing Director at KLINGE

An investment into frontline learning and long-term customer value.

RealWear headsets with HINDSITE enable frontline workers to consume on-demand skills and learning and capture handsfree know-how in the field.

Paired with HINDSITE's Digital Workflows, OEM subject-matter experts are protected from unceccesary callouts so that they can focus on customer cases that need their full attention.


RealWear devices are HINDSITE's wearable of choice for frontline workers that need a handsfree option.

View RealWear products

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