Know-how when your frontline needs it.

Capture and create workflows from learning content generated by your experienced frontline.

Guided work instructions


Ensure your frontline have digital work instructions when they need them.



The HINDSITE workflow builder is quick to use and easy to learn. Add actions, instructions or questions and support the end-user with video, image or PDF learning content.



All workflows are available to users on any device.



Export completed workflow results as a PDF or directly to email.

Five step types

Instructions, Questions, Actions, Connectors and Terminal steps make for robust and comprehensive workflows.

Link learning content

Attach any content from the Content Library to a step to help your team learn just-in-time.

Collect evidentiary data

Workflow users can submit text, numerical or media content as part of any workflow.

In-step remote support

Call for office support at any point in a workflow, and have the recording saved to the Content Library for future reference.

Users can flag issues as they see them

If something doesn't seem right, flag an issue to be viewed by administrators ASAP.

Export workflow reports for compliance

Download all step responses and media as a PDF or CSV.

Unlimited steps

No matter how detailed your workflow, it'll run in HINDSITE.

Learning content

One global skills library

The HINDSITE content library is your frontline's one-stop-shop for accessing PDF, video, photos or call recording content from your own subject-matter experts.

QR Codes

Access content on site

All learning content in HINDSITE has its own unique QR code. Place this code on real-world physical assets for just-in-time training.


Call in help

See things from your frontline's perspective, either in-situ in a workflow or as part of a group mentoring call.


Your experts, your content

Record, call and execute workflows using a phone or wearable - whatever you have on hand.


Mobile apps

Complete workflows and take remote calls from wherever you are.


Desktop app

Use the web app on any modern web browser to complete workflows, upload content or administer your organisation.

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Wearable app

HINDSITE on Realwear is a handsfree companion for your frontline workers.

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Ready to amplify your workers' know-how?

Know how

Your industry, your workflows

HINDSITE supports the transfer of know-how across multiple industries. If you make something, your frontline needs to know how to delivery, commission and service it.

Mining + METS

Improved service delivery and operational readiness

Across mining and METS, HINDSITE is used to deliver products faster, operate machinery in safer ways and provide just-in-time training across the board.

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    Drive performance
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    Empower your people
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    Safety + sustainbility

Deliver just-in-time skills

Wherever your teams are, so is the collective knowledge of your people.

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    Fix first time fix rates
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    Save time on site
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    Evidentiary asset inspections
Advanced Manufacturing

Exceed delivery expectations

On the plant floor or on site with customers, HINDSITE provides access to skilled knowledge exactly when it's needed.

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    Reduce defects
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    Impress new clients
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    Operationalise IP
Something's unclear?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a wearable device?
No, the HINDSITE platform is accessible via an app for phone (Android or iOS) or a wearable device, such as the Realwear HMT-1. The platform can also be accessed from a desktop browser.
Is my content secure?
All material on HINDSITE is encrypted and hosted on Amazon Web Services exclusively. Australian customer data is hosted onshore in AWS Sydney. Customers outside of Australia have the option to temporarily host data outside of Australia for improved call quality.
Do I need an internet connection?
To use live video calling, a stable internet connection is required. HINDSITE can work with you to assess your best remote internet access options. Alternatively, offline content will be uploaded to HINDSITE from your phone or Realwear device when connectivity resumes.
Can I invite my customers to access content from my HINDSITE account?
Yes - HINDSITE users can share their platform with the customers they serve, in order to share information and skills. In terms of pricing, they will be assessed the same as your regular users.
Can I choose which content each user has access to?
Yes! We can help you fully customise access to all content to meet the needs of your teams and customers.
Do you sell Realwear devices?
Not directly, but we do have trusted relationships with Realwear device partners to streamline delivery of your hardware, should you wish.

What could your frontline do with the benefit of HINDSITE?