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The Guided Work Instructions platform

Standardise frontline task execution across the board.


HINDSITE workflows are your frontline’s one-stop-shop for standardised tasks.


Work offline

Don’t leave your underground or remote team behind.


Public access

Forget about access permissions and let anyone start a workflow.


Pause and resume

Create and complete multi-day or multi-location workflows.


Report and comply

Collect data points whilst workflows are completed to send to stakeholders.

New: Work Sets

A preset collection of Workflows to be completed together. Standardise every task with Work Sets.

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Set a better standard.
Workflows + Content

Provide guidance at every step along the way

Every workflow step can be linked to bite-sized content from your Visual Content Library, ensuring that when your frontline needs it, help is available 24/7.

The power of your experts’ hindsight HINDSITE in the context of every day tasks.


Workflow Builder

Build for any scenario

Some tasks require five step workflows. Some need 200+ step workflows. HINDSITE is made for both.

Add user inputs to every step


Add up to 20 options per step simply to collect information or branch your workflow based on the response.

Short text or numerical entry

A short textbox for quick responses. Restrict to numerical entry, set a required range or set an exact character length.

Upload images or videos

Require an image or video of work completed for record keeping.

Sketch pad

Obtain sign off or ask for a diagram to be drawn on the spot.

Multiple choice

Capture one or many selections and colour code responses in the Workflow report.


Public Access Links

Set public visibility to links and QR codes so that whoever clicks or scans can complete without signing in.

Flag and Call

Urgency built in

Workflows are made to be the self-help version of expert assistance, but that doesn’t mean that on-call help isn't available when necessary.


Flag issues as they occur

At any step, a worker can flag an issue and upload evidence. Managers can see reported issues and act immediately to remediate.


Call for remote assistance

If a worker needs urgent help, they can call an expert for help from within the step.


All the trimmings

HINDSITE workflows are made to take away the headache of standardising work.


Export reports to PDF and CSV

All completed workflows generate reports to share with your customers.


Create templates for iteration

Never start from scratch. Workflow starting points for your expoert team to create and reuse.


Publish to multiple workspaces

Ensure that all department o customers workspaces have access to the same instructions.


Version history

See at a glance when and who updated workflows in your organisation.

Supporting global service delivery

IMDEX uses HINDSITE to support the expansion of their BLAST DOG product into market. Watch to learn more.

Visual Content Library

The HINDSITE Visual Content Library is your collection of all PDF, video, photos and call recording content from your own subject-matter experts. Link content to Workflows or let users browse on their own.

Your experts’ content

Bite-sized videos

Your frontline experts will create bite-sized videos for easy learning. Easy to create, easy to consume.

Transcribed + Translated

All video content is transcribed and translated into 70+ languages with in-video links.


Create custom chapters to break down longer videos into digestible learning content.


Trim any video to create a new piece of content that’s easier to digest.

PDFs and images

Whilst video might be king, some things you can only represent with the detail of PDF or the permanence of imagery.

OEM manuals

Keep all reference manuals in one place, ensuring that your frontline has the latest version at all times.

Environment reference photos

Capture and store situational awareness reference images to set a consistent standard.

Safety bulletins

Trim any video to create a new piece of content that’s easier to digest.


Easy to find, easy to learn

A frontline worker will only upskill if learning content is easy to access. In HINDSITE, it’s easier than it needs to be.


QR codes

All content has its own unique QR code to attach to machinery.



Tag content to be discoverable in a pinch by anyone.



Unlimited workspaces to control access to content.


Associated content

Create association groups so that your frontline can continue their learning.



Your one-stop-shop for repeatedly accessed content.



Find content based on the location it was uploaded or attached to.

QR codes make it easy

Every workflow and piece of content has its own downloadable QR code to use as you see fit.

On machinery
In manuals
Facility procedures
Safety checkpoints
Kit unboxing
Shift handover

Remote Expert Assistance

Just because your experts are in another state doesn’t mean they can’t be accessible in an instant.

Call repurposing

All calls can be recorded and added into your Visual Content Library for editing and sharing.

The next time George asks you how to replace Bolt 25, you won’t have to spend 30 minutes with him. Just send him a link from last time.

Experts on hand at a pinch

Whether it's an emergency or a scheduled check-in, HINDSITE is where your experts can be contacted.


If someone needs urgent assistance mid-workflow, available experts can be called in at a pinch.


HINDSITE calls can be taken or made in the web app or on your mobile device. Expertise in your pocket.


Check in on a routine basis with sites or with offsite experts. Schedule 1:1 or group calls to be placed in your calendar.


Access everything anywhere

Wherever your frontline needs just-in-time skills, work instructions or on-call expert assistance, HINDSITE is there.

Use cases

Know-how throughout your product lifecycle

Every one of our customers uses HINDSITE in different ways throughout their service delivery lifecycle. How will you empower your frontline?

Assembly + Manufacturing

When quality matters, HINDSITE ensures that every step of an assembly procedure is done right.

Production line
Build many smaller workflows or several multi-branch workflows to ensure that every component is completed to your standard.
Quality checks
Build in quality checks at every step along the way, raising the level of quality no matter how large your operation.
Testing checks
Instead of testing at the end of the line or on site, create testing workflows along the way to decrease rework and exceed quality targets.

Installation + Commissioning

Avoiding rework and callouts on new installations is critical to early customer success.

When surveying a customer site, ensure that all relevant data is captured and nothing left to the imagination.
Installing + assembling
Whether it be a standard installation or bespoke build, ensure every detail is controlled by best practice workflows.
Calibrating + testing
Send technicians to commission your product with the collective expertise of your company at their disposal.

Routine Servicing + Maintenance

Ensure that everyone - from veterans to new starters - has the same understanding of what a job well done looks like.

X hour maintenance
Scale best-practice SLAs with the reliability of a consistent workflow, every time.
New part swap out
Ensure that every person replacing part A with part B learns from the mistakes of those that have gone before them without having to make those mistakes themselves.
Monthly/Quarterly work
Conduct every point of contact with a customer's unit in a standardised manner, allowing you to scale your operation and provide reports to customers for every interaction.

Troubleshooting + Support

Eliminate prolonged downtime by empowering your frontline with self-service workflows, based on your experts' experience.

Identify common breakdown causes and allow your frontline to help themselves first.
Unexpected outages
Ensure your frontline or customer knows exactly what to do in the case of an outage or critical incident, with visual aids at every step.
User error
Provide easy-to-digest workflows to rule out user error before escalating the issue.

Day-to-day Product Usage

Ensure that operators get the most out of their investment with best practice procedures.

How-to refreshers
Quick tips and instructions on how to get the most out of your product.
Basic operation
Replace manuals and SOPs with essential workflows and reference content for new users.
Years of experience from your experts, condensed into bite-sized pearls of wisdom in step-by-step video form.
Know how

Your industry, your workflows

HINDSITE enabled the standardisation of frontline tasks across multiple industries. If you make something, your frontline needs to know how to deliver, commission and service it.

Mining + METS

Supercharged service delivery

HINDSITE is used to deliver, commission and maintain products more effectively, enabling scalability.

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    Drive performance
  • check
    Empower your people
  • check
    Safety + sustainbility
Advanced Manufacturing

Exceed delivery expectations

On the plant floor or on site with customers, HINDSITE provides access to skilled knowledge exactly when it's needed.

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    Reduce defects
  • check
    Impress new clients
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    Operationalise IP
Something's unclear?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a wearable device?
No, the HINDSITE platform is accessible via an app for phone (Android or iOS) or a wearable device, such as the Realwear HMT-1. The platform can also be accessed from a desktop browser.
Is my content secure?
All material on HINDSITE is encrypted and hosted on Amazon Web Services exclusively. Australian customer data is hosted onshore in AWS Sydney. Customers outside of Australia have the option to temporarily host data outside of Australia for improved call quality.
Do I need an internet connection?
To use live video calling, a stable internet connection is required. HINDSITE can work with you to assess your best remote internet access options. Alternatively, offline content will be uploaded to HINDSITE from your phone or Realwear device when connectivity resumes.
Can I invite my customers to access content from my HINDSITE account?
Yes - HINDSITE users can share their platform with the customers they serve, in order to share information and skills. In terms of pricing, they will be assessed the same as your regular users.
Can I choose which content each user has access to?
Yes! We can help you fully customise access to all content to meet the needs of your teams and customers.
Do you sell RealWear devices?
Not directly, but we do have trusted relationships with Realwear device partners to streamline delivery of your hardware, should you wish.

Are you ready to scale with standardised work?