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Platform Overview

The Guided Work Instructions platform

Templated and step-by-step instructions for every task in your product lifecycle.

The platform trusted by Mining, Equipment and Technology companies to achieve better standards for their customers.

All the tools your frontline needs to do their job correctly.

Work Sets

Be ready with every detail

Create templated Work Sets with all required Workflows for your jobs. Assign and approve Workflows as the Set progresses, and view Reports collected on the Set.


Assign + Approve

Ensure the job team knows what is required of who.


Completion rates

View breakdown of Workflow completion and overall Work Set completion.


Guide every worker through any scenario

Guarantee consistency across all tasks in your product lifecycle, from manufacturing to regular service.

Embed media

Uniquely engineer dynamic methods of empowerment through.


Gather data and report

Uniquely engineer dynamic methods of empowerment through.


Tie up all loose ends

Generate follow up tasks from reports, report steps or entire Work Sets.

Supporting global service delivery

IMDEX uses HINDSITE to support the expansion of their BLAST DOG product into market. Watch to learn more.

Visual Content Library

Provide guidance at every step along the way

The HINDSITE Visual Content Library is your collection of all PDF, video, photos and call recording content from your own subject-matter experts. Link content to Workflows or let users browse. on their own.

Remote Expert Assistance

Prioritise your experts’ availability.

Just because your experts are in another state doesn’t mean they can’t be accessible in an instant. Call an expert within a Workflow or from the calling dashboard.

QR codes make it easy

Every Workflow and piece of content has its own downloadable QR code to use as you see fit.

On machinery
In manuals
Facility procedures
Safety checkpoints
Kit unboxing
Shift handover

Access everything anywhere...

Wherever your frontline needs just-in-time skills, work instructions or on-call expert assistance, HINDSITE is there.

...and for every stage of your product lifecycle

In HINDSITE, every hands-on task is guided by a Workflow. Provide as much or as little visual guidance as you see fit, and ensure that the right data is always captured along the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

How secure is content in HINDSITE?
All material on HINDSITE is encrypted and hosted on Amazon Web Services exclusively. Australian customer data is hosted onshore in AWS Sydney. Customers outside of Australia have the option to temporarily host data outside of Australia for improved call quality.
Do I need an internet connection?
To use live video calling, a stable internet connection is required. Workflows and content however can be downloaded for offline use, and syncing with the cloud will resume once connectivity is restored.
Can I invite my customers to access content from my HINDSITE account?
HINDSITE is made to be used with your customers and to give them access. You can give customer workers access with paid licenses or via Public Access Links.
Can I choose which content each user has access to?
Using Workspaces, we can help you fully customise access to all content to meet the needs of your teams and customers.

Are you ready for a humming production line?

Are you ready for consistent work?