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A library of knowhow for your frontline

Video, PDF and image content to show your team how to do their best work.

Gather the best know-how from your best people.

Videos, made by your experts

Your frontline experts will create bite-sized videos for easy learning. Easy to create, easy to consume.

Transcribed + Translated

All video content is transcribed and translated into 70+ languages with in-video links.


Create custom chapters to break down longer videos into digestible learning content.


Trim any video to create a new piece of content that’s easier to digest.

PDFs and images

Whilst video might be king, some things you can only represent with the detail of PDF or the permanence of imagery.

OEM manuals

Keep all reference manuals in one place, ensuring that your frontline has the latest version at all times.

Environment reference photos

Capture and store situational awareness reference images to set a consistent standard.

Safety bulletins

Attach key OEM information to Workflow steps.

Embeddable in every Workflow step...

Good to knows

Assuming makes an...

Guide your people on the best way to approach certain tasks, particularly ones that make all the difference.

Best Practice

Set the bar high

Make sure your standard of excellence is upheld by providing contextual content along the way in every Workflow.

Competitive knowledge

Excel where competitors are lacking

When your people’s knowledge means the difference between a job well done and just another job, make sure your people push your reputation forward.

Tribal knowledge

Record and retain

When your people are your best asset, don’t risk your business. Embed tribal knowledge in Workflows to make sure generational knowledge distribution operationally.

...or discoverable wherever your people are.


QR codes

All content has its own unique QR code to attach to machinery.



Tag content to be discoverable in a pinch by anyone.



Unlimited workspaces to control access to content.


Associated content

Create association groups so that your frontline can continue their learning.



Your one-stop-shop for repeatedly accessed content.



Find content based on the location it was uploaded or attached to.

Ready to introduce consistency into your operation? We are.