Deliver and train

HINDSITE is the leading digital workflow, knowledge management and remote mentoring platform for mining and METS.

METS Use Case

Differentiate your service offering

Reduced productivity and unnecessary travel costs are common for businesses servicing remote mining locations. We often see Mining + METS teams traveling to site multiple times, initially to capture information, and then returning to complete installs or repairs.

With HINDSITE, METS companies can better provide critical know-how to their field teams, a library of microlearnings, remote commissioning, support and training.

In addition, HINDSITE to offer concierge support in a single platform; live guidance on demand, workflows for correct commissioning, usage and maintenance, a how-to library of micro-learnings, digitised and QR coded procedures.

Better leverage your current workforce and differentiate your offering to win you more business.

Popular for Mining + METS

Workflows to make your work flow.

Scoping activity

Scope vehicle compatibility to complete your tech installations.

Machinery audit

Audit status of machinery with visual data capture.

Safety checklist

Dictate SWPs to ensure work areas meet your standards.

Ready to operationalise your know-how?