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Set a better standard of work.

Guided Work Instructions let METS companies deliver with consistency and reliability. Guided content when your frontline needs it, and easy to use instructions for every job.

Guided Work Instructions for every stage of a METS product lifecycle.

In HINDSITE, every hands-on task is guided by a Workflow. Provide as much or as little visual guidance as you see fit, and ensure that the right data is always captured along the way.

Planned tasks

Installation + Commissioning

Streamline delivery tasks and provide evidence to your customer that everything was done correctly.

Common Work Set scenarios

  • Scoping procedure
  • System testing and final checks
  • Unpacking and assembly on-site

Workflow examples

  • Site preparation - Standard Install
  • Battery integration routine
  • Part 119 - Misfit troubleshooting
Installation + Commissioning
Planned tasks

Routine Service + Maintenance

Ensure that every task is done with consistency and your customer has evidence in-hand.

Common Work Set scenarios

  • Cadenced maintenance
  • New part swap outs
  • Quarterly usage audits

Workflow examples

  • CAT 797F - Tyre Pressure Check
  • Probe cable re-fit
  • Customer signoff and verification
Routine Service + Maintenance
Unplanned tasks

Troubleshooting + Support

Empower workers to deal with issues as they arise and embed expert content along the way.

Common Work Set scenarios

  • Machinery broken down
  • Unexpected downtime routine
  • Catering for user error

Workflow examples

  • Immediate shutdown - precautions
  • No hydraulic pressure - troubleshooting
  • Automatic power down - cause identification
Troubleshooting + Support
Operational tasks

Day-to-day Product Usage

Extend customer lifetime by providing guided instructions and best-practice on demand.

Common Work Set scenarios

  • How-to instructions
  • Basic operation guidelines
  • Safety precautions

Workflow examples

  • Pre-start checks and OHS verification
  • BWE - setting a wheel rotation speed
  • Drill head swapout
Day-to-day Product Usage

Tools that work for the mining environment.

Set a better standard for your teams with a clear way of working across all jobs.

Work Sets

Create Work Set templates to predefine and assign Workflows for every job.



Give guided instructions for every task, and require user evidence to close out a job.



Provide clarity on who should complete every Workflow and who is responsible for each Work Set.

Guidance content

Add bite-sized video content, images or PDFs to each Workflow step to empower your workers and ensure compliance.


Reporting & issue flagging

Generate and share reports with dynamically flagged issues with your customers or quality assurance team

QR codes and public access

Eliminate adoption hurdles by bringing HINDSITE QR codes into the real world and enabling public access links.

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Are you ready to reap the rewards of consistency?

Supporting global service delivery

IMDEX uses HINDSITE to support the expansion of their BLAST DOG product into market. Watch to learn more.



Force multiply the value of your experts

You will never have enough experts to support the growth you want.

HINDSITE makes sure that when your team need expert guidance, it's ready for them in the context of a Workflow step.

Standardisation that outweighs the status quo.

A business to rely upon

Your customers know which vendors can deliver consistently and which fly by the seat of their pants. Be the former.

Evidence-based service

Workflow reports provide absolute transparency about how every task is completed.

Scalable operations

When everyone is on the same page, new customers are easy to bring up to speed.

An assured level of quality

When everyone follows the same guided instructions, the room for human error becomes near-zero.

Streamlined downtimes

Treat downtime as an expected part of business that everyone is prepared for.

Decreased risk of incidents

Your workers are your priority. Standardised processes reduce the likelihood of cowboy operations.

onsite with hindsite

Pakka Jacks

The Pakka Jacks team implemented HINDSITE so that technicians could complete work with little to no external input and meet quality standards.