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Do your workers know how to do their job consistently? We want to make sure they do.

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HINDSITE Industries

OEMs struggle to scale because their frontline can’t or don’t know how to complete tasks consistently across the board, leading to quality issues.

HINDSITE gives your frontline Guided Work Instructions to standardise a high level of service. This allows you to scale operations and compete based on service delivery without additional resources.

In HINDSITE, frontline workers follow step-by-step instructions aided by video and other visual content created by other experts in their organisation. They can also can call for help, or browse a library of microlearnings at any point whilst on the job.

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We're a tight-knit team based in Brisbane (Meeanjin), Australia and we're building fast. If you like what you see so far, we want to chat:

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What is a GWIs platform vs a KMS?

Explore the transformative potential of Guided Work Instructions (GWI) over traditional Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) for mining and METS OEMs, highlighting dynamic, interactive task guidance and real-time adaptability for job consistency.

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GroundProbe Leverages HINDSITE for International Expansion: Consistent Quality, Zero Compromise

HINDSITE ensured that GroundProbe's years of experience in local manufacturing was replicated internationally with zero drop in quality.

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IMDEX uses HINDSITE® to scale expertise globally for BLAST DOG™

As IMDEX prepares to scale globally with their new BLAST DOG™ product, discover how they are using HINDSITE to scale expertise to their operators and technicians.

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