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Product Updates

2023 Year In Review

Rory Broadbridge
Head of Customer Success

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  • December 15, 2023
  • Product Updates

Set a better standard

2023 was a fantastic year for the HINDSITE team with the release of quite a few significant product updates and many more improvements. Here are our highlights.

New in Work Sets

The biggest release of the year for our customers was Work Sets. A Work Set is a group of Workflows that can be templated and completed together with others. It forms the foundation of HINDSITE as the Guided Work Instructions platform moving forward, and we’re excited to show you more about what we have planned for Work Sets in 2024.


Assign individual Workflows in a Set, or an entire Set to specific team members.


Get up-to-date information as to the progress of individual Workflows and the Set as a whole.

Work Set Templates

Create standard Work Set Templates that can be picked up and assigned by anyone, wherever they find themselves.

New in Workflows

As the primary action item for most of our customers, Workflows received a significant feature lift in 2023, focused on making GWIs more accessible than ever.

Revamped Workflow Builder

With the addition of a new Step Details editor, we brought more power and flexibility to every GWI.

→ Input types + mandatory fields

We reworked the Decision pathways, Text and Number, and Upload Media input types, and added Multi-choice and Sketch pad. Each input type can also now be made mandatory or optional.

→ Text validations

The Text and Number input can now be restricted to numeric entry only, a specific character length or to be within a given numerical range. If the input does not match validation parameters, you can now choose whether this prohibits Workflow submission or just flags the item in the final report.

→ Step titles

Add optional titles to every step to give extra clarity.

→ Report description

Add an optional alternative description that replaces your user-facing description in reports.

Flagged items

Nominate specific responses in Multi-choice and Decision pathways to trigger a flag in the final report.

Public Access Workflows

Allow anyone with access to a Workflow QR code or link to complete and submit the Workflow to the Workspace of your choosing.

Offline mode

Download Workflows to be completed offline on iOS and Android. All completed Workflows are queued and uploaded when a network is next detected.

Form View

Opt to complete Workflows in one continuously scrolling experience, rather than in Step View. Workflow administrators can disable Form View where necessary. 

Pause and resume

For long or interrupted Workflows, choose to save all progress and exit the Workflow to Resume later.


Nominate a co-contributor upon completion of a Workflow.

Report improvements

→ Approvals

Sign off on a Workflow Report to mark it as approved.

→ PDF layout

Improvements to the way that PDF exports are rendered and laid out to give maximum readability.

→ Flagged items

See which responses have been flagged based on Workflow Builder criteria, at the top of every report.

→ Custom logo

Upload an organisation logo to be added to the top of every report.

New in the Visual Content Library

To support the easy discovery and dissemination of know-how, we added top-requested features to the VCL this year.

Association Groups

Association Groups allow users to view related content in a pseudo-playlist experience when they view a piece of content.

Video Chapters

Skip directly to a named chapter within a video, allowing greater flexibility with the way you manage uploaded content in the system.

Image Annotations

Highlight a specific area of an image to be noted when viewing an image in the VCL.

Offline mode

Download content to be viewed offline on iOS and Android, independent of content downloaded in the context of Workflows.

And more...

Single Sign On

Connect HINDSITE to your authentication provider for easier sign on.

Call history

See a list of recent call recordings made within HINDSITE and nominate which ones you would like to be imported into the Visual Content Library.

Looking forward to 2024

This year the HINDSITE team was able to deliver a staggering amount of new features and improvements with inputs from you, our customers. Thank you. 

We were also fortunate to attend Austmine 23, World Mining Congress, IMARC and a multitude of other events. It’s been a big year.

In 2024 we are looking forward to bringing you next-level features like Actions, an assignment-based area of HINDSITE that makes sure every team member knows exactly what’s required of them at any given moment. Stay tuned!

Lastly, we’d also be remiss if we didn’t give a huge shoutout to not only all our wonderful customers, but also our partners and supporters this year. One does not just create The Guided Work Instructions Platform alone. Check out our case studies with Pakka Jacks, GroundProbe and IMDEX.

Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday, and we’ll see you back on deck in the first week back of January.

Rory and the HINDSITE Team.

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