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Product Updates

Product Digest - July 2023

Rory Broadbridge
Head of Customer Success

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  • July 10, 2023
  • Product Updates

Guidance on hand and easier to find.

We’re already six months into 2023! Here’s the latest from the HINDSITE product team, plus a sneak peek at some updates coming soon.

Offline workflows

You can now download entire workflows and associated content on iOS and Android.

If you are going underground or out to a remote site that doesn’t have reliable internet connectivity, download the workflows you’ll need first, and when you come back online all completed workflows will upload automatically.

Resume workflows

Also on iOS and Android, HINDSITE will now let you pause workflows and resume them at a later time. Your partially completed workflows will show at the top of the workflow list so that you can pick up where you left off with the tap of a button.

Pausing and resuming a workflow is especially handy when completing a longer workflow or one that requires multiple locations to be visited on site to complete.

Associated content

Administrators can now add content in a workspace library to one or multiple Association Groups. When a user is viewing a video, image or PDF, Associated Content from that group will be shown to the user in the right hand panel (web) or under the file (mobile).

If your organisation is yet to utilise workflows and link content to steps, Associated Content allows managers to connect pieces of content within the library. This can prompt technicians and other team members to view additional pieces of know-how that may help them along their way with a task.


Users can now add chapters to videos in HINDSITE and label each chapter for faster access to specific know-how. This means that administrators no longer need to be quite as narrow in their scope of how specific a video topic is, allowing users to jump between chapters at their own discretion.

Other updates

We release updates regularly. To see a complete list of updates to date this year including image annotation, workflow report renaming and multi-workspace publishing, visit our changelog here.

Coming soon...

Offline content

Currently, content is only available offline if it is linked to a workflow, and can only be accessed in the context of completing that workflow. Soon, we will allow users to download individual pieces of content from the library for offline use.

Form View on workflows

A common question we have received is whether workflows can be completed no-sequentially, or out of order. With this upcoming release tentatively named ‘Form View’, users will be able to see multiple steps of a workflow simultaneously and complete them in any order. 

Multi-input action steps

Sometimes a single input in a workflow step doesn’t provide enough context. With this upcoming release, users will be able to add multiple input types (photo/video, numerical, text, decisions) in one workflow step. This will streamline workflow completion for ease of use and ease of reporting.

RealWear design refresh

In the coming days (yes, days!), we will be releasing a fresh and easier to navigate user interface for our RealWear app. Keep an eye out!

Are we missing anything? You can add your product ideas and vote for others’ here!

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