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Product Updates

Product Digest: July 2024

Rory Broadbridge
Head of Customer Success

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  • July 8, 2024
  • Product Updates

Creating an effective record of work

The first half of 2024 has been full of updates to HINDSITE. Many have been oriented around specific feedback that we have heard from our customers, and we’re extremely grateful for their partnership.

In particular, we have focused on the areas of the platform that feed into a more effective and actionable record of work, namely Workflow Reports, the Workflow Builder and automated Actions.

We also released Actions as a whole, Projects and the new My Work tab on mobile, so please, read on!

Workflow builder

Step Groups

A step group is a templated group of Workflow steps that can be centrally updated and used throughout your Workflows. For example, if you have a common set of steps that your business uses across different equipment models, you can centrally manage these as one continuously re-applied step group in separate Workflows.


Sections allow you to create thematic titles for users as they progress through a Workflow. You might want to title your first section of a commissioning Workflow ‘Site Inspection’, for example.

Step feedback

Next to every step on a mobile Workflow, users will now find a feedback icon 💬. In order to help our customers move forward in fostering cultures of continuous improvement, when a user submits feedback regarding a Workflow step, the feedback will be displayed back in the Workflow Builder. Customers have been using Step feedback for everything from spelling mistakes to input or branching suggestions.

Markdown support

We’re all for making things clearer to make job outcomes better. You can now use markdown formatting to style text in a step description. 

Coming Soon: Date inputs

Need to enter a next service date? Perhaps log the expected lifetime of a component on site? You can now add Date/Time inputs into Workflow steps.

Multichoice inputs

For when you want to give your users input choices without affecting the flow of the Workflow, there’s Mastercard multichoice input.

Prefix and suffix

For all short text or numerical entry inputs, you can specify your own prefix or suffix to make it clearer the type of data that is expected. For example, if requesting a temperature reading from an engine, add the suffix ℃ to your field so that your technicians don’t go Farenheit.

Reorder Decision and Multichoice options

You can now drag and drop the display order of decision and multichoice options. Phew.

Reorder content

You can now also change the order in which you want video, imagery and PDF content to appear in a step.

Workflow reports

.csv, .docx and .json export formats

When our built-in PDF formatting doesn’t cut it (we’re not offended), you can now export the data from any Workflow report in .csv, .docx and .json formats to make your own reporting magic outside of HINDSITE.

Compact reports

You now have the option to choose a new compact report format for PDF exports, specifically designed for easier reading. You will also notice some cleaner formatting, including the option to remove your logo from every page except the first page.

Hide steps

Some things don’t need to be shared. Ice cream, for example. You also don’t have to display all Workflow steps in an output report if you don’t need to. Say you had an internal sentiment analysis step for how your team member felt completing the job and you didn’t want that shared with the customer, you could now exclude that step from the final report.

Editing reports

Yes, sometimes mistakes can be made when completing a Workflow. You can now fix them in the web app report before you export or send a link to your customer.

Report Audit log

We knew that HINDSITE was very good at creating historical records. But when someone adds comments or edits a report, you can now also see a log of changes made to the record itself.


Actions are follow up tasks inside HINDSITE. Say there was an issue with the variance of cable length needed for an installation. You can create an Action item on the specific Workflow Report step that recorded the issue and assign it to QA. You could also create an Action against the entire Workflow Report to note that the entire report needs to be reviewed to check for non-standard installations given the one variance. Then, you could create another Action on the Work Set that the report belongs to, bringing the non-standard installation to the attention of the installation supervisor to check once the job is complete.

Coming Soon: Automated Actions

The newest element of Actions we released was the ability to automate their creation off the back of Multi-choice options and decision options. Naturally this will save administrative time, but also ensures that projects get back on track as soon as an issue is raised in a Workflow.

Work Sets

Work Set approvals

Just list with Workflow approvals, a user can now approve an entire Work Set manually, or it will be automatically approved once all contained Workflows have been approved individually.


Set an expected start and end date on Work Sets to move future-scheduled Sets into Planned Sets, and see when Sets are overdue to be started or completed.

Export all reports

To save time exporting all individual reports from a Set (which could take a long time if you have many Workflows in a Set), you can now export all completed Workflow reports on the Work Set level.

Reorder Workflows

Adding to or removing Workflows from a Work Set for a particular job? You can now change the order in which those Workflows appear in the Set.



Speaking of projects, you can now collect Work Sets together into unique HINDSITE Projects. 

Projects fit in like this:

  • Workflow - A single task with many steps (and step groups) that can be used across many jobs. Can be templated for quick creation.some text
    • Step group  - A separately managed group of steps within a Workflow that can be simultaneously updated across all Workflows that use it.
  • Work Set - Multiple Workflows arranged into a list for completion. Can also be templated.
  • Project - Multiple Work Sets arranged into a master list for completion.

Mobile: My Work tab

The Dashboard tab on mobile is now My Work. It will show you your in progress items and items scheduled for completion.

Coming Soon: User admin page

The user administration page has received a cosmetic do-over, allowing you to manage your users in a much easier fashion.

The second half of 2024

We’ve already begun work on:

  • Live Workflow Handover
  • Multi-input steps
  • Notifications

Are there any items or areas of the product you think we should focus on? Please reach out to your account manager - we’d love to hear your ideas!

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