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Service Delivery

Supercharge your service delivery.

HINDSITE is where OEMs provide the know-how their product needs to thrive.

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Introducing the era of the digital-first service strategy.

Manufacturers and service providers are now looking to build a customer and employee experience that it itself differentiates their organisation. 

Maximise customer uptime


of organisations expect to compete primarily on the basis of customer experience.

Minimise technical dispatches

Up to


of problems could be solved remotely. 

Maximise service revenue

By prioritising aftermarket services, organisations can boost their revenue by up to


I would never have thought that we would be able to not attend a site and deliver to the same level as if we were present in situ. But with HINDSITE, we've definitely been able to do that.

Al Klinge, Managing Director at KLINGE

Supporting global service delivery

IMDEX uses HINDSITE to support the expansion of their BLAST DOG product into market. Watch to learn more.

It starts with a Visual Content Library (VCL)

Your frontline hub for how-to.

Video and recorded calls

Distribute walkthroughs, explainers, tutorials and more for your team. All video content is editable, transcribed and translatable into 70+ languages.


Diagrams, annotated imagery or reference photographs to illustrate your point in a workflow or by searching the library.

PDF content

Sometimes written information is better. Upload specs sheets, operating manuals and more so that they are available at a pinch.

Easy to find = easy to learn



to allow for location searching.


QR code enabled

for attaching to physical assets.

Next, add some Workflows

Digitise your standard operating procedures in a way that shows users how to complete a work instruction in the right way every time, regardless of what is in front of them.

Five step types

Instructions, Questions, Actions, Connectors and Terminal steps make for robust and comprehensive workflows.

Link learning content

Attach any content from the Content Library to a step to help your team learn just-in-time.

Collect evidentiary data

Workflow users can submit text, numerical or media content as part of any workflow.

In-step remote support

Call for office support at any point in a workflow, and have the recording saved to the Content Library for future reference.

Users can flag issues as they see them

If something doesn't seem right, flag an issue to be viewed by administrators ASAP.

Export workflow reports for compliance

Download all step responses and media as a PDF or CSV.

Unlimited steps

No matter how detailed your workflow, it'll run in HINDSITE.

Workflow use cases

Our customers use workflows for everything from pre-start checks to safety audits and more.


Deploy standard SOPs to new customers and new technicians.


Use workflows to capture data needed for support requests.

Issue Reporting

Ensure all vital information is captured when an issue is raised.


Create thorough yet easy to use procedures to cater for every scenario.

Lastly, add some Remote Expert Assistance

Deploy your experts at scale and empower your frontline to ask for help when they need it.


In-workflow calling

Users can call for help at any point in a workflow.


Schedule meetings

Set regular checkins with onsite personnel.


Calls recorded, transcribed and saved to content library

Trim and repurpose call content for training and development.


Call from any device

Mobile (iOS and Android), Desktop and RealWear apps.

Service Delivery with HINDSITE

Key features
Account manager on site encounters edge case
Account manager does not have expertise and cannot provide enough information from the field to resolve correctly back in office.
Content is available from previous similar cases and other customers.
Workflows are available to troubleshoot or request assistance from an expert on the spot.
Visual Content Library
Remote Expert Assistance
Troubleshooting workflow
Field technician is requested for support
By the time someone gets to site, immediacy of issue has passed. The context of the issue is lost and likely the issue is partially resolved. User error was likely a large contributor.
Customer is always working off the latest procedure. If field tech is still needed, they can dial in level 3 support. Reports are auto-generated from workflows for auditability.
Workflow Reports
Remote Expert Assistance
Customer is awaiting installation advice from manufacturer engineers
Limited availability so commissioning process is on a wait list.
Expertise and best practice are captured in HS so that manufacturer engineering does not need to be involved as soon.
Visual Content Library
Remote Expert Assistance
Customer encounters routine troubleshooting issue
Paper or PDF manuals are consulted (if available). Email chain and phone call fiasco involving different levels of support until issue is resolved. Mismatched expectation on whom support responsibility rests.
Troubleshooting workflows cover all common scenarios. Video and manual content is available at each step for just-in-time microlearning.
QR codes
Issue reporting

Ready to supercharge your service delivery?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use a wearable device?
No, the HINDSITE platform is accessible via an app for phone (Android or iOS) or a wearable device, such as the Realwear HMT-1. The platform can also be accessed from a desktop browser.
Is my content secure?
All material on HINDSITE is encrypted and hosted on Amazon Web Services exclusively. Australian customer data is hosted onshore in AWS Sydney. Customers outside of Australia have the option to temporarily host data outside of Australia for improved call quality.
Do I need an internet connection?
To use live video calling, a stable internet connection is required. HINDSITE can work with you to assess your best remote internet access options. Alternatively, offline content will be uploaded to HINDSITE from your phone or Realwear device when connectivity resumes.
Can I invite my customers to access content from my HINDSITE account?
Yes - HINDSITE users can share their platform with the customers they serve, in order to share information and skills. In terms of pricing, they will be assessed the same as your regular users.
Can I choose which content each user has access to?
Yes! We can help you fully customise access to all content to meet the needs of your teams and customers.
Do you sell RealWear devices?
Not directly, but we do have trusted relationships with Realwear device partners to streamline delivery of your hardware, should you wish.