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Product Updates

2022 Year in Review

Nathan Field
Head of Customer Marketing and Brand

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  • December 16, 2022
  • Product Updates

2022 has been a monumental year for HINDSITE. A huge thank you is owed to both our team and our customers for taking things to a whole new level. Here's some of our favourite product moments.

All new design refresh

The most significant change that you would have noticed in 2022 was our complete design overhaul. A more delightful user experience has made all areas of the web app far easier to use. Creating and completing learning content has never been more accessible.

In addition to the web app, we also released new versions of our iOS app, Android app and RealWear app.

We're not going to lie, this refresh took about 12 months of our attention, so we're very happy that it's now in your hands!

A design refresh

New features

In addition to the new-look HINDSITE, we squeezed in some features to plus-up your learning experiences.


We introduced the ability to trim videos. This makes all the difference when deciding how to repurpose a training call recorded on HINDSITE.

We also reworked live captions, introduced the ability to edit transcriptions and released the Quick View panel on content.

Trim videos


This year, we introduced you to an entirely new workflow builder with six decision step types. Workflows also got version history capabilities, and completed workflow reports can be exported now to PDF, CSV and directly to your email app. You can also create workflows as templates for quick duplication of recurring procedures.

A new workflow builder


In addition to re-introducing scheduled calls and call history, we completely redesigned the call interface and gave call windows some smarts so that they re-order themselves more intelligently.

In addition, you can now add images to in-call chats (yes, and GIFs), and screensharing is now in full 1080p HD with video in 720p.

Screenshares are now in 1080p, video in 720p

And more

On top of our main product modules, a few other items got shipped too.

With the redesign, an all-new dashboard shows your most-recent items. We also deprecated the concept of workspace switching, so you can see everything from all workspaces in one view.

Along with this came the ability to upload to multiple workspaces in one step, but also globally search across all content, contacts and workflows.

Something you would have noticed was speed. The speed and performance of all our apps was greatly boosted by a complete rewrite of our codebase, which we're incredibly happy with.

Lastly, we released the first version of Admin user management. There's more to come in this area so stay tuned.

An all-new dashboard

Coming in 2023

We wouldn't want to give too much away, but we've got some more incredibly impactful features coming down the pipe in the new year. We're implementing offline mode for the iOS and Android apps for underground and rural sites. We're also looking at content playlists, workflow assignments and report customisations. Be sure to visit our changelog page to stay up to date with what we release.

This year our team grew, we attended more events than ever before, we gave away some RealWear devices and were part of some significant customer moments. We also introduced a new Monthly Active User license model, making it easier to loop in your customers to your HINDSITE account.

So, thank you! From all of our team to yours and your families, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. May it be even better than 2022!


We want to take you on our journey in 2023. Momentum is building around the concept of a digital-first service delivery strategy, and we want to make sure you're riding the wave early. Let's book in a time for early January!

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