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Our New Brisbane Office

Nathan Field
Head of Customer Marketing and Brand

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  • June 26, 2024
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For Immediate Release

HINDSITE Celebrates Opening of New Office in Brisbane

Doug Hastings, CEO of HINDSITE and Mitch Hooke AM cut the ceremonial ribbon with Co-Founders Liam Scanlan, Rory Broadbridge, Alex Holder, and assembled special guests, customers and partners from across the sector.

Brisbane, Australia – June 26, 2024 – HINDSITE, the provider of Guided Work Instructions for Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) teams, proudly announces the opening of its new office located at Level 5, 247 Adelaide St, Brisbane.

The office opening event, held on June 20, 2024, was a resounding success, drawing a packed crowd. Special guest Mitch Hooke AM, a distinguished figure in the mining and agriculture industries, joined Doug Hastings, CEO of HINDSITE, to cut the ceremonial ribbon. The event was graced by the presence of partners, family, investors and customers including Boeing, IMDEX, Real-Time Instruments, Theiss, The Australian Government, The Australian Defence Force, Flanders, Rio Tinto, Hastings Deering, Universal Field Robotics, Mineral Technologies (Downer) and Orica.

“We are thrilled to open our new office in Brisbane,” said Doug Hastings, CEO of HINDSITE. “This expansion marks a significant milestone for our company as we continue to enhance our capabilities and better serve our clients in the mining and manufacturing sectors. We are grateful for the overwhelming support from our partners and community.”

Doug Hastings, CEO of HINDSITE stands outside the new HINDSITE headquarters at Level 5, 247 Adelaide St, Brisbane City.

Industry heavyweight Mitch Hooke AM, who played the honorary role of special guest at the event, shared his enthusiasm for the success HINDSITE has seen, particularly due to its focus on bringing customers along the journey. “For people like me…we love to see other people with energy, commitment, enthusiasm and a really bright idea. [HINDISTE] has taken ‘digital’ to ‘digitalisation’. This team has actually been able to implement, [which is] one of the great challenges in our industry.” he remarked.

Mitch Hooke AM addresses attendees at the HINDSITE office opening on June 20, 2024. 

The new office, strategically located in the heart of Brisbane, provides much-needed space for product development, sales, marketing and customer success. It will serve as a global hub for HINDSITE’s operations, enabling the company to expand its reach and better support its growing client base.

HINDSITE’s easy-to-use software platform provides Guided Work Instructions tailored to the unique needs of frontline OEM teams and advanced manufacturers in the mining industry. It streamlines the standardisation of task execution and the generation of records of work.

For more information, please contact:

Nathan Field
Head of Customer Marketing and Brand
HINDSITE Industries
Phone: 0488 589 761


HINDSITE creates Guided Work Instructions software designed for frontline technicians and advanced manufacturers in the mining industry. The platform allows workers to complete every task safely and consistently with step-by-step instructions and real-time reporting.

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