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Compress time to resolution

HINDSITE is the leading digital workflow, knowledge management and remote mentoring platform for utilities operators and contractors.

Utilities Use Case

First time fix rates

On average, first time fixes (that aren’t really) cost a major utility upwards of $2,500.00 just for the callout.

The majority of the time, the responding technician only needed to know minor additional information specific to the asset, location, task to complete the fix.  Instead, they either leave to return with the right information, or a secondary senior tech is called to the location, incurring more cost and wasting significant time across the business. Before now, the first-hand knowledge needed for a resolution had to be physically on the ground.

With HINDSITE, wherever your teams are, so is the collective knowledge of your people. Our digital workflow engine, knowledge transfer of micro-learnings and live remote mentoring calls can provide subject-matter-expertise specific to your role, task, location, language and job to be done.

Popular for Utilties

Workflows to make your work flow.

Water network pressure and flow test

Record pressure and flow values of mains networks to comply with code regulations.

Water network drop test

How to measure pressure across two observation points.

Odour logger setup and installation

Initial setup of portable gas logger for wastewater plant reporting.

Ready to operationalise your know-how?

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Urban Utilities

In deploying HINDSITE across treatment plant teams, Urban Utilities shortened in-field supervised training times by 75%.

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