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HINDSITE receives Accelerating Commercialisation grant from Australian Government

Nathan Field
Head of Customer Marketing and Brand

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  • March 20, 2023
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Brisbane, Australia - Knowledge capture and skill-sharing company HINDSITE Industries has supercharged its expansion plans, after it received more than $500,000 in federal government support.

The Queensland business was awarded $667,685 in funding by the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant, to further scale its innovative Knowledge Management System (KMS) software across the Australian mining and advanced manufacturing sectors.

HINDSITE Chief Operating Officer Liam Scanlan says the investment will be used to reinforce scalability of the solution, as well as being used to grow sales, marketing and engineering capacities.

“We are both emboldened and humbled by the recognition of this grant and the Commonwealth,” he says.

“The Australian mining and advanced manufacturing sectors are now realising the incredible opportunity that lies in front of them to teach and preserve critical skills in a more effective manner. It is significant that the Australian Government recognises this opportunity and has backed HINDSITE as the solution.” 

According to McKinsey, “71 percent of mining leaders are finding the talent shortage is holding them back from delivering on production targets and strategic objectives”. The same report states that 86 per cent of mining executives cite more difficulty in hiring and retaining talent than previous years.

HINDSITE looks to solve for a shortage of subject matter experts in any given firm, regardless of market skills shortages.

The Accelerating Commercialisation Grant is a service under the AusIndustry Entrepreneurs’ Programme. 

Accelerating Commercialisation seeks to bolster the growth of novel products, services or processes as they gain traction in Australian and global markets.

All recipients of the grant, including HINDSITE (KMSTech Pty Ltd) are available to view on the Australian Government Business website.

About HINDSITE Industries

HINDSITE is a cloud-based software platform that provides frontline workers with the know-how they need to complete the task at hand. By combining Remote Expert Assistance, a Visual Content Library and Digital Workflows, operational, service delivery and technical onsite teams can access subject-matter expertise on demand without the need for the subject matter expert being on location. The HINDSITE platform is multilingual, spanning 72 languages to seamlessly capture, preserve and deliver much-needed skill capabilities where and when they are needed most.

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Nathan Field
Head of Customer Marketing and Brand


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