Whether it’s complex assembly instructions or directions showing the shortest path through a warehouse, HINDSITE connects workers to information delivered right to their line of sight. We empower employees with instantly accessible knowledge and reduce human error, decreasing defects and increasing productivity.

Our mission is to increase productivity and decrease defects which is why our software provides everything from step-by-step instructions to assist in complex assembly tasks, to showing workers the shortest path through a warehouse.

We simply empower your employees to do more. To stay competitive, investments in technology must also include investments in people, particularly those that elevate human skills. At HINDSITE we deliver information direct to the line of sight so workers can focus and keep both hands on the job. Your connected workers will always know what’s going on.

Communicate change, instantly share and react to inventory changes, shift-based work and priorities.

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Preserve hands-on experience and transfer a lifetime of industry knowledge, handsfree.

Reduce Defects:

Complex Instructions Made Easy

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Know what to look for at a glance

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