HINDSITE is a wearable, cloud based, visual intelligence management platform, purpose built for enterprise data, evidentiary industrial media and observational learnings.

Select Your Industry

Select Your Industry

Field Services

Never look away again. Keep your eyes on the job and make complex repairs with confidence. Our cloud-based platform increases technician’s efficiency through IM and decreases time spent filling out paperwork.


Whether in a crane high in the air or guiding footings into place, two hands on the tools are always better than one. Discover how our technology makes your people safer, more efficient and better informed.


Instantly respond to real time machine monitoring alerts, receive complex repair work orders straight to the viewport and have your equipment restored faster than ever before.


Assembly instructions are intricate and complex. We empower employees on the assembly line with knowledge right to their line of sight so they can keep both hands on the job.

Emergency Serv.

Saving minutes often means saving lives. Our technology aids first responders to communicate using audio and video completely hands free in an ever-changing dynamic environment.