Emergency Services

Saving critical minutes of peer-to-peer information transfer is crucial to saving lives. The HINDSITE platform streamlines cluttered information channels and empowers first responders with mission critical data and the power of hands-free See-What-I-See video caling.

Our mission is to declutter message filtration systems to save time during the first critical minutes of an emergency.

At HINDSITE we empower first responders to make See-What-I-See video calls in real time without taking their hands off the job. Simply stream your point of view and connect with off site triage experts who can see exactly what you’re looking at. But we don’t just give first responders access to mission-critical information, hands free, we also offer real time proximity awareness and data capture. During hazardous events, our ambos, paramedics, police and fireys' can be exposed to verbal and physical abuse while trying to do their jobs.

Our biometric monitoring and ease of audio/visual creation enables incident data to be captured instantly for the protection and well being of your medical personnel on the job.

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We’re in the business of saving lives and keeping your personnel safer.

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