Our platform is made to work for you. Whether it’s freeing your hands to diagnose problems, or responding to fully integrated diagnostics and machine monitoring. HINDSITE sends evidentiary industrial media, in-situ micro-learnings and connected asset data right in your wearables’ viewport. Faster knowledge transfer, faster time to resolution.

Whether it’s scheduled or unexpected, we empower technicians to complete maintenance repairs with confidence, safely, handsfree.

Our wearable cloud based, knowledge management platform is purpose built for enterprise data, evidentiary industrial media and in-situ micro-learnings.

Your technicians can instantly clarify, decipher, and act on the right information which is presented to them in the wearables’ viewport improving first time fix rates and reducing the number of people required to perform key maintenance and inspection processes.

Capture and automatically save geo-located site data including images, videos, walkthroughs, handovers, biometrics and sensor data from your wearables or smartphone app to one secure cloud based location.

Our public facing customer app enables the customer to send real-time outage reports in the event of asset failure such as a burst water main or downed power-line. This first hand evidentiary data empowers our clients to make faster and more informed time-critical decisions around how they respond, allocate and prioritise resources. Reducing waste and decreasing the time to resolution.

Compress the time to resolution

Learn in-situ and Work With Confidence:

Call on and receive task specific, geo located micro-learning content to your device

Machine Monitoring:

Real-Time IIoT 3rd Party Sensor Visualisation & Diagnostics

Time Is Money:

Time Critical Decisions Made Immediately through collaborative See What I See calling or Accessing Evidentiary Data

Evidentiary Asset Inspections:

Capture and preserve real-world asset inspection information for future.

Technicians have access to all evidentiary Industrial Media relative to the task at hand. Search, consume and execute from previously captured knowledge on your job at hand.

Truck Rolls

On average, a truck roll costs a major utility upwards of $750.00.
The majority of the time, a second truck is rolled to meet the first on-site to aid or give guidance toward a resolution.
Before now, the first hand knowledge needed for a resolution had to be physically on the ground.
With HINDSITE, wherever your teams are, you are!
Through our See What I See calling and seamless evidentiary data transfer, you can guide or be guided, send or receive site evidentiary data in real-time or deliver site updates when handing over to the next team on the job.