Field Services

We deliver data right into the sightline of your technician and respond to voice commands so technicians can stay focused and keep their hands on the job. Our cloud-based platform aids in field service management, increasing efficiency, and decreasing time spent troubleshooting and filling out paperwork.

At HINDSITE we empower technicians to access mission-critical information and make See-What-I-See video calls in real time.

Simply stream your point of view through our smart glasses and walk through complex technical repairs from even the most remote locations. Keep both hands on the job with our voice commands so you can jump between screens, issue commands and search for data all without looking away. Capture Observational Learnings to decrease training burdens for new starters.

Once the job’s done the client can review evidentiary Industrial Media taken on the VIEWs attached to their invoice sent direct from the platform. But we don’t just assist technicians once they’re on a job, we help them get there safely too. Our software fully integrates with existing business scheduling and dispatch systems bringing work orders to technicians in the field via our intelligent routing engine.

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From dispatch, to job site and to invoicing, we’re here to assist you, bring value to your everyday and bolster your ongoing client relationships.

Work With Confidence:

Make See-What-I-See Calls

Minimise Paperwork:

Attach Industrial Media To Invoices

Line Monitoring:

Never Look Away From The Task At Hand

Get There:

Fully Integratable Intelligent Routing

A use case in the field

Using HINDSITE, a field technician was able to complete a work order without the right tools. Saving 6 hrs of travel, she was able to SWIS call her line manager and be remote guided through to completion.