Two hands on the tools are always better than one. Our technology increases job site safety and supplies efficient real-time knowledge transfer to technicians and builders on commercial, residential, industrial and civil building sites.

Imagine if your safety glasses were connected to a live network of stakeholders, industry experts or your workmates.

At HINDSITE we empower workers to access mission-critical information and make See-What-I-See video calls in real time without taking their hands off the job. Simply stream your point of view through our wearables and breeze through quality assurance checks with offsite experts, or connect to a remote manager to walk through any problems onsite.

But we don’t just help workers produce nearly error-free work resulting in less waste, we also offer Real Time Location for the protection of staff on site.

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We’re in the business of having critical data ready “at a glance”, handsfree.

Safety First:

Everyone accounted for with Real Time Location

Time is Money:

Time Critical Decisions Made Immediately

Faster Training:

Consume Tribal Knowledge On The Spot

Helping Hand:

Make Hands Free SWIS Calls

numerous sites across the country.

Our Value is in your everyday

Job sites are fraught with delays, hazards and incidents which all consume valuable time and resources, chewing into your margins daily. Construction delays can lead to expensive disputes, loss of valuable business relationships, fines and potentially litigation. Addressing these delays with speed and agility should be in your everyday. A project manager can receive industrial media clips of work completed, or SWIS call his crews instantly, reducing unnecessary travel and increasing efficiencies.